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NOKIA vs. BLACKBERRY Building Brand with Character

"Our challenge is to figure out how to strengthen and accelerate the growth of our market leadership," stated Riadi Sugihtani, Marketing Director for Nokia Indonesia - "Therefore, it is imperious that we confirm our dominance in all aspects, especially in the Smartphone category."

Smartphone has the fastest growth rate in Indonesia -consequently, risking Nokia's dominance in this category will be a great threat to Nokia's market leadership. Nokia, however, plans to use the Smartphone to confront BlackBerry, a rising star from Canada.

BlackBerry's market growth has been accelerating in the last year (300% growth), reaching 500,000 distributed units with a rate of 3000 new users per day in Indonesia. It is indeed still quite far from the 180 million total mobile subscribers in Indonesia (August 2009).

"Nokia has operated efficiently and effectively in a global level -but we need to be more globalized -Globalized but also localized," stated Riadi, "That is why we need a new strategy."

BlackBerry's growth for individuals can be especially seen in markets with a strong base of pre-paid customers, such as Indonesia, Venezuela, and Thailand (95% of Indonesia's mobile subscribers are pre-paid customers). BlackBerry fails to gain popularity in countries with a high percentage of post-paid subscribers, such as Hongkong and Singapore. With pre-paid subscriptions, future users of BlackBerry are able to activate their BlackBerry Services via SMS, avoiding all the unnecessary and complicated administrative matters when applying personally through mobile operators. Other than that, another BlackBerry subscription alternative is the daily" subscription, with a rate of around Rp 5000/day. This enables users, with limited allowance," to still enjoy the BlackBerry lifestyle.

BlackBerry's booming is also supported by Indonesia's Smartphone market character, also known as the Type Market," where consumers prefer mobile phones with a QWERTY keyboard. In contrast to Singapore and Hongkong, the market there is moving more into the direction of Touch Market," which is perfect for touch-screen Smartphones, such as iPhone.

The behavior of BlackBerry users in Indonesia is unexpected. Mobile operators have stated that data load on the network for mail usage is only 45%. In Indonesia, the other 45% is used for chatting and social media (mainly Facebook) and the rest 10% is used for browsing the internet.

Essentially, consumers do not need to purchase BlackBerry to be able to chat and access Facebook! (Don't forget to consider the unlimited" subscription packages that averages above Rp 150,000/month). With a normal data package subscription around Rp 50,000/month or Rp 1/kilobyte,almost all of the new mobiles now (Nokia, Sony Ericcsson, Samsung and Motorola) are able to provide data access to consumers.

Professionals are well known for using emails, but push email's high speed is usually used for emails that are really urgent (which almost never happens). In the US, people are quite reluctant to receive emails after office hours and consider push email as torture. It's also the same for students, where there is high traffic in chats and Facebook and a little bit of browsing here and there. It is enough for them to subscribe normal data packages (non BB) and there is no need to use an expensive device. By the end of the day, it's all about status and trend�" Riadi said while laughing, But, that's the beauty of marketing."

The BlackBerry brand continues to grow with the help of various communities that emerged voluntarily, such as id-BlackBerry (the largest one with more than 3000 members), idbb, faceberry-id, and an even more exclusive community, Canisius High School BlackBerry Community. Not to mention the communities that were created by operators, such as Isat-bb (the largest one with more than 3000 members), Telkomselbb, and XLbb. These types of communities almost does not exist in the US and Canada!


With a high price level, BlackBerry Bold priced around Rp 6 million, Storm with Rp 5.5 million, and Javelin around Rp 5 million, a continued penetration is not expected at all. However, BlackBerry's maneuver to create more inexpensive devices (such as the BlackBerry Gemini that will be launched with a price of less than Rp 4 million) might create quite a wave in the middle class market. Consumers who are thinking to buy a mobile phone with a range price of Rp 3 million might end up buying the BlackBerry Gemini instead.


BlackBerry's growth was setback for a bit with the emergence of products from China. We might have thought that, That's it. The hype is over - and everyone will be bored with all of this." In a broader context, the battle to fight BlackBerry is not only against products that are trendy at the moment. Technology's advancement will soon create device accommodation and inexpensive prices. Device accommodation is already being practiced in well-developed countries, where the operator holds the key in device distribution.

In today's context, though, the battle has moved from design battle to the real connection" battle. The real business for mobile producers is Connecting People." Nokia is the first brand that truly understands this essence and was victorious over incumbents, such as Ericcson and Motorola. Like it or not, we now see BlackBerry as a more successful company in introducing connection services" to the market (although push email and BlackBerry Messenger can be irrelevant to the consumer). Nokia, on the other hand, is seen by the public as a device company that is far from technology advancement and connection services, in which it actually already has.

The real battle is not between brands, but rather about Character" from Connecting People." Brand and image can be changed, but character is the essence of a brand. Who ever is able to preserve their character will definitely win any future rivalries. is Nokia's latest giant project to enter a new phase in its own revolution to be the True People Connector." It is a mega portal for mail, stores (games & music), maps (with the ability to view Nokia users on screen), file sharing (photos and videos), storing, and also a virtual office. This idea can be a competitor to Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Yahoo!, iTunes, etc. With the largest number of users, Nokia is the only one who is able to do this. The new definition for Connecting People" has started.

The question here is: Is Nokia ready for this? Will customers appreciate all the long-term steps that Nokia took? And will Nokia be able to preserve the connection" with its fans until OVI is present in the middle of all of us? The device business and social connection business are two different things, and to realize their dream, Nokia needs to divide their focus and tackle each matter with passion and character.

1.How does Nokia keep in exist as market leader?
2.What is needed to be evaluation which is related to Nokia’s product strategy?
3.How does Nokia concern in differentiation and positioning their product compared with BB?

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klo mau download u keperluan tesis sok copy paste ajah :D

smg lancar ^_^

Sunday, October 31, 2010

u r what u think

apa yang anda fikirkan, itu yang akan menjadi kenyataan

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Sunday, October 10, 2010

10 - 10 - 10


bertemu lagi bersama sy donat :p

well... well... well
today is very cute date!
10 - 10 - 10

heboh banget brita hari ini, banyak brita ttg nikah di tanggal 10-10-10, sbenarnya saya pun demikian pinginnya melepas masa lajang di tanggal ini, tp memang belum rezeki ya belum bisa kesampaian.

tadi siang waktu liat tv, nikahan dilla-bekti, nad terharuuuu bgt,,, trus shalat dhuhur d masjid, pas abis shalat entah kenapa pengeeeeen bgt segera menikah, melepas masa lajang, menciptaka keluarga sakinah mawaddah wa rahmah.

yaaa mimpinya, keinginannya, pinginnya 2010 2010 kira2 ada yg nglamar g ya hihihi... ga bisa 10-10-10 kali aja jika Allah mengizinkan lelaki yg menjadi calon suami saya tergerak hatinya untuk melamar di tanggal 20 okt 2010 biar dpt 2010 2010 gt maksudnya...

saya hanya berusaha, bercita2 memiliki mimpi, angan dan harapan
saya hanya berusaha, menyempurnakan hidup saya yg sangat sempurna
saya hanya berusaha, melanjutkan kebaikan2 keluarga saya
saya hanya berusaha, menjadi putri, wanita, dan istri shalihah


with love,



Saturday, August 14, 2010

tak ada yang tahu batas usia kita...

ceramah setelah shubuh di masjid Ramadhan menggugah batin saya,


saya masih diberi kesempatan untuk berjamaah dan menikmati sajian ilmu di bulan Ramadhan

banyak, tidak sedikit orang yg belum diberi kesempatan untuk menikmati shalat berjamaah dikarenakan kesibukannya,

dikarenakan kewajibannya untuk berangkat ke kantor pagi-pagi buta, dikarenakan sedang tergolek lemah di rumah sakit, dengan tabung oksigen yang tidak murah harganya... Alhamdulillah

atas kasih sayang Allah

kt sebagai seorang muslim/ah dapat menemui bulan yang jika kita bersedekah maka pahalanya akan dilipatgandakan lebih dari bulan2 biasanya,

kt sebgai makhluk sosial bila menolong kesulitan orang lain maka Allah lah yang langsung memudahkan kesulitan kita

bulan yang jk kt bersedekah maka akan dikembalikan kebaikannya pada kita berlimpah-limpah penuh barokah

senyummu pada saudaramu adalah sedekah...

perbanyak sedekah di bulan Ramadhan

sedekah apa yang bisa kau sedekahkan

gunakan hartamu...

jika tidak gunakan ilmumu...

pabila tidak gunakan bantuanmu...

pun dengan bersenyum kau sudah bersedekah...

karena senyummu pada saudaramu adalah sedekah...


tak ada yang tahu batas usia kita...

pun ketika dengan Ramadhan, datangnya hanya satu bulan sekali setahun

apakah kt menjamin akan bertemu dengan ramadhan tahun depan?

jangka waktu ramadhan sangat terbatas, ya... sama terbatasnya dengan usia kita


belum terlambat untuk membenahi diri

pun ketika detik saya menulis ini, saya masih belum optimal menjalankan Ramadhan





Seandainya, ini adalah ramadhan terakhir kita

sudah siapkah kita kembali kepadaNya

Ya Allah...

Ampuni segala dosa-dosaku, dosa kedua ibu-bapakku

sayangilah keduanya seperti mereka menyayangiku diwaktu kecil

Ya Allah...

Jika Engkau memanggilku untuk kembali padamu

perkenankan Ya Allah, disaat itu saya sudah menggenapkan separuh dien

perkenankan Ya Allah, disaat itu adalah puncak saya melakukan kebaikan

perkenankan Ya Allah, disaat itu cinta saya kepadaMu tak tergantikan oleh apapun


Ampunkan dosaku...

Terimalah taubatku...

Ridhai langkahku...

Hadiahkan Khusnul Khatimah kepadaku...

PS: untuk semua yang membaca tulisan ini, saya... Nadiyah mohon maaf atas segala khilaf, atas lisan yg tidak terjaga, atas tutur kata yang kurang berkenan, atas prasangka di dalam hati yang pernah ada. Selamat Menikmati Bulan Ramadhan, Gali ilmu, Berbagi, dan Terus berkembang dalam kebaikan

with love,


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ramadhan Datang Hatipun Riang

Marhaban Yaa Ramadhan...

Alhamdulillah kita sampai di bulan penuh berkah
bulan penuh ampunan
bulan penuh kemuliaan

nikmati sajian pahala melipat di bulan ini
nikmati kebersamaan bersama keluarga, teman, suami ataupun istri (bg yg sudah menikah hehehe)

Merasa Pandai membuat diri sombong
Pandai Merasa membuat diri bijak

dengan puasa kt bisa mjd lebih bijak dalam bersyukur
dengan puasa kt bisa mjd pribadi yg lebih baik
dengan puasa kt bisa mjd manusia yg bertaqwa


.:Marhaban Yaa Ramadhan:.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

full of ♥


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Muhammad Sebagai Pedagang

diambil dari lagu:

Muhammad sebagai pedagang
janji slalu ia pegang
melayani dengan tenang
pantaslah pembeli senang

Muhammad sebagai pedagang
bertengkar adalah pantang
ungkap dengan terus terang
mudahlah rezeki datang

Muhammad sebagai pedagang
menimbun adalah terlarang
sempurna ketika menimbang
menakar tak pernah kurang

Muhammad sebagai pedagang
tiada yang ia samarkan
Al-amin gelar terpandang
buah dari kejujuran

Monday, July 19, 2010

Forbidden Love

lega rasanya diri ini bisa menyesap kembali dirimu...


panas rasanya merasuk dalam diriku,,,

keringat menetes ketika kau memasuki ku...

entah mengapa kau merupakan candu bagiku...

oh kopi,,, sungguh terlarang jika aku mencintaimu sangat!
tidaklah baik jikalau kita mencintai sesuatu secara berlebihan..

hot coffee,,,
you are so delicious!
so sweet,,,

Friday, July 9, 2010

Rindu Muhammadku

By Hadad Alwi, Vita n Ebith beat A

Ya Rabbi bil Musthofa 2x

Ya Rabbi bil Musthofa balighmaqa sidana
waghfirlana mamadho yawasi'al karomi...

Demi cintaMu ya Allah
Pada Muhammad nabiMu
Ampunilah dosaku
Wujudkan harapanku

Ya Rasullallah salamun'alaik
Ya Rafiiasyani waddarooji

Siapa yang cinta pada nabinya
Pasti bahagia dalam hidupnya

Muhammadku Muhammadku dengarlah seruanku
Aku rindu aku rindu kepadamu Muhammadku

Kau yang mengaku cinta kepada nabimu
Kau yang mengaku merindukan nabimu
Jika kau benar-benar cinta dan rindu kepada Muhammad nabimu
Taati perintahNya, tinggalkan laranganNya
Teladani akhlaknya
Niscaya kelak kau akan berjumpa dengan Rasullallah
Niscaya kelak kau akan berkumpul dengan Rasullallah

Back to Reff

Kau ajarkan hidup ini untuk saling mengasihi
Ku tanamkan dalam hati kuamalkan sejak dini

Engkaulah nabi pembawa cinta
Kau bimbing kami menujuju surga

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


hey, aslm. semuaaa

lama ga nulis blog,,, lagi musim UAS ni.

emang ga di kelas tapi take home... dan 3 hari lalu aku habis tepar sakit geje, Alhamdulillah udah sehat cink!

hari ini tadi udah submit tugas prof idrus,,, walo jd orang yg pertama dari bawah yg ngumpulin alias terakhir :)

sekarang lanjut tugas perilaku konsumen n riset pemasaran prof Djum
kemudian lanjut tugas Prof. Armanu

keep smile, sparkling nad hohohoho

Thursday, June 10, 2010

hiccup alias cegukan

hiks hiks (bukan nangis tapi cegukan)
iya sempet bingun n ga nyaman pas tadi ceguk-an, langsung aja nad googling, dari wikipedia bilang klo ceguk-an adalah kontraksi tiba-tiba yang tak disengaja pada diafragma, dan umumnya terjadi berulang-ulang setiap menitnya.
Udara yang tiba-tiba lewat ke dalam paru-paru menyebabkan glottis (ruang antara pita suara) menutup, serta menyebabkan terjadinya suara hik. Cegukan umumnya akan selesai dengan sendirinya, meskipun ada beberapa pengobatan rumah tangga (home remedy) untuk mempercepat cegukan, dan ada beberapa pengobatan yang dibutuhkan. Istilah medis untuk cegukan adalah singultus. bahasa inggrisnya hiccup or hiccough (pronounced /ˈhɪkʌp/ HICK-up) hehehe jd inget pemain film how to train your dragon :)

tipsnya biar ga ceguk kan, saya tadi nahan napas sekitar 10-15 detik, dengan bismillah, lalu menempelkan lidah di langit2 atas tenggorokan, menutup mata sambil pijat perlahan kelopak mata, yakin sembuh, Alhamdulillah saya terbebas dari cegukan

Thursday, April 29, 2010

At The Beginning (Ost. Anastasia) by Donna Lewis & Richard Marx

barusan dateng dari nganter temen ke ITN kampus III, jauhnya... kukira di Malang tnyt daerah singosari... trus pulang kruma zaki lg donlot lagu ini,,, aku bilang kan ke adikku, ini soundtrack disney ya? film apa? pas aku cari di google tyt Ost film kartun Anastacia.
jadi inget pas jaman esde :) liat pilm ini di bioskop dinoyo...

And the lyrics...

We were strangers starting out on this journey

Never dreaming what we had to go through

Now here we are and I'm suddenly standing at the beginning with you

No one told me I was going to find you

Unexpected what you did to my heart

When I lost hope you were there to remind me, this is the start

#And life is a road and I wanna keep going

Love is a river, I wanna keep flowing, life is a road

Now and forever wonderful journey

I'll be there when the world is turning, I'll be there when the storm is thru

In the end I want to be standing at the beginning with you

We were strangers on a crazy adventure

Never dreaming how our dreams would come true

Now here we stand unafraid of the future at the beginning with you

#And life....

Knew there was somebody somewhere

I need love in the dark

Now I know our dreams will live on

I've been waiting so long

Nothing is going to tear us apart

And life is a road, I wanna keep going

Love is a river I wanna keep flowing on....

Starting out on the journey

Life is a road....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Kartini Day


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hasil Seleksi Program Kemitraan Sekolah Ujian Tulis(SPKS UTUL) Brawijaya 2010

saya lagi nyari pengumuman hasil ujian tulis (utul) spks UB 2010
buat yang ketrima selamat ya

Pengumuman UTUL SPKS UB 2010

saya lagi nyari pengumuman hasil ujian tulis (utul) spks UB 2010

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Ya Allah semoga hari ini lebih baik dari sebelumnya, amin...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

nope nohope

how can i not remember you,,,
i feel so melted
i dont know u know this or not...

confusing confusing
let i know,,, what is ur feeling
do you fell the same feeling as i fell

hehehe mbuh aku ra iso coro inggris,,, my english is bad...

tulisan ini diawali dari sebuah kegejean,,,
geje ga jelas mau dibawa kemana alur ceritanya...
i write to many ... titik2 here!

when im with u, i feel electrical emotion (maksudnya pas ga sengaja aku berada 1 ruangan dalam radius beberapa meter darimu kok aku ngerasa gimanaaaaa gt...)

aku ga tau,,, aku kenapa!

nulis ini aja bikin atiku jedag jedug ser ser-an...

ya Allah berikanlah jawabanMu ya Allah...

mohon dengan sangat,,,

NB: nad yang Ngebet Banget

wweeee akhirnya aku nulis juga walo ga jelas isine,,, doakan saya bisa memperbaikinya!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Awal mula sesuatu, pembawa kesetiaan

Sunday, January 24, 2010

exhausted T.T

times is running out...
hhhmmmpphhhfff.... (menghela nafas)
beberapa hari bersemangat...
tapi hari ini capeeeekkk banget scr lahir maupun batin...

smg abis mandi bisa semangat lagi...

just relax and open your mind

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